Baseus 120W Dual USB & USB-C Fast Car Charger


The Baseus 120W Dual USB-A & USB-C Fast Car Charger is the ultimate charging solution for your devices. With a sleek design & powerful performance, you can charge 2 devices simultaneously via power delivery so you’re always charged & ready.

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Key Features

  • Designed to charge two devices simultaneously
  • 60W cigarette lighter socket
  • Small, discreet and portable
  • Multiple protections for enhanced safety
  • Power Delivery & Quick Charge technology
  • Compatible with 12 & 24-volt sources
  • Universal compatibility

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Designed to charge two devices simultaneously

Featuring a USB-A & USB-C port, the Baseus Car Charger allows you to charge up to two devices simultaneously, making it ideal for charging your smartphone, tablet, GPS, or any other USB-powered device. With a total output of 120W, this car charger delivers fast and efficient charging, ensuring that your devices are charged quickly and efficiently while you’re on the road.

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60W cigarette lighter socket

This car charger also features a 60W cigarette lighter socket, which allows you to plug in a third device, such as a sat nav, while charging two other devices.

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Small, discreet and portable

Designed for convenience, the Baseus 120W Dual USB-A & USB-C Car Charger is compact and easy to use. Its sleek and minimalist design looks great with any car interior, and its compact size allows it to fit easily into any car’s power socket.

Multiple protections for enhanced safety

This Baseus Car Charger is designed with multiple protections for overheating, overvoltage and overload, ensuring enhanced safety for users of the car charger.

Power Delivery & Quick Charge technology

The Baseus Dual Car Charger supports 120W speeds with Power Delivery & Quick Charge technology, allowing it to offer fast charging for your devices. This means you can power up your devices in no time.

Compatible with 12 & 24-volt sources

The Baseus car charger can alternate between 12 and 24 volts, so you can easily use it in the cigarette lighter socket in either your car or a lorry.


Universal compatibility

The Baseus 120W Dual USB-A & USB-C Car Charger has been designed to be compatible with most mobile phones, tablets, sat navs, and handheld game consoles, simply plug in a USB-A or USB-C charging cable and you are ready for charging! It is also compatible with both Apple iOS and Android devices.



Technical Specifications:

Size: 26 x 101 mm
Material: Aluminum + PC
Input: DC 12 – 24 V
USB 1 Output: 5 V-3 A, 9 V-2 A, 10 V-2 A, 12 V-2,5 A, 30 W
USB 2 Output: 5 V-3A, 9 V-2A, 10 V-2 A, 12 V-2,5 A, 30 W
Total output: 30 W + 30 W + 60 W
Compatibility: passenger cars, SUVs, delivery trucks with a power of 12 V – 24 V
Fast charging standard: QC (Qualcomm Quick Charge); PD (Power Delivery); SCP (Huawei Super Charge Protocol); AFC (Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging)

Key Details

Part No CCBT-C0G
UPC 6953156206694
Mobile Fun ID 98450
Color Black
Brand Name Baseus

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2 cm


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