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PanzerGlass Anti-Reflective & Anti-Blue Light Tempered Glass Screen Protector – For iPhone 15 Pro Max


The PanzerGlass anti-reflective and anti-blue light screen protector for iPhone 15 Pro Max protects your screen from scratches and bumps. Featuring a smudge-free coating, it safeguards your phone from everyday hazards while retaining touch sensitivity.

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Key Features

  • Diamond strength protection
  • Scratch, smudge and shock-resistant
  • Anti-reflective & anti-blue light properties
  • Easy installation
  • Case friendly


Diamond strength protection

The PanzerGlass screen protector is made from chemically reinforced glass that maintains perfect image clarity while protecting your iPhone 15 Pro Max’s screen from scratches and external shock. With diamond-strength protection glass – it’ll be your iPhone’s best friend, keeping it safe from everyday drops and bumps. The PanzerGlass Anti-Reflective & Anti-Blue Light Tempered Glass Screen Protector extends the lifetime of your device so that you can enjoy it longer!

Scratch, smudge and shock-resistant

Protects your iPhone’s screen from the hazards of everyday life – including scratches, drops, and bumps. Due to its rounded edges, the PanzerGlass screen protector can help deflect shock from drops and bumps. Featuring an oleophobic coating, the PanzerGlass screen protector repels oil and water, minimizing the presence of fingerprint smudges, oil contamination, dirt, disinfectant gel, and hand lotion on the device’s screen – reducing the build-up of grease that can lead to a rainbow sheen effect.

Anti-reflective & anti-blue light properties

The anti-reflective properties reduce reflections from sunlight and artificial lighting so you can always see your screen – whether you’re relaxing on a sunny beach or going for a stroll in the park, the PanzerGlass screen protector has got you covered. The anti-blue light properties reduce the strong blue light from your screen, making it less harsh on your eyes and reducing the disruption blue light may be causing to your sleeping pattern if you use your device right before bed.

Easy installation

Comes with an EasyAligner that makes installation so simple that you can do it perfectly. Plus, as this is a premium glass screen protector, minimal bubbles are formed on application. To remove any bubbles, simply use a microfiber cloth and push them towards the edge of the device.

Case friendly

The Ultra-Wide Fit of the PanzerGlass screen protector means that it covers the entire front surface of your phone, providing a complete and clear view of your screen. Despite offering the ultimate protection for your iPhone 15 Pro Max’s display, the PanzerGlass adds minimal thickness to your iPhone, leaving room for a case.

Key Details

Part No 2816
UPC 5711724028168
Mobile Fun ID 96892
Color Clear
Brand Name PanzerGlass

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 15 × 2 × 8 cm


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